Update February 25, 2014

The ShootOut Series schedule has been set http://redfishshootoutseries.com/home/series-schedule#.UwzWIPldV8E

Entry Fees will be $150 for the Spring and Fall ShootOuts with $50 going towards the Championship ShootOut Payout.

Entry Fees for the Summer ShootOut will be $200 with $50 going towards the Championship ShootOut Payout.

The Summer ShootOut will be a combined event with The Low Country Redfish Cup. Team finishes will apply to both Series

All ShootOuts will have an optional TWT Big Fish with a $50 Entry Fee.

100% Payouts will be will be split 50/30/20 to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places. Additional Sponsor donated prizes will be add for the successive Finishes after the Top 3.

1st Place teams of  the Spring, Summer and Fall ShootOuts will also be awarded a pair of ProStaff Series Riley Rods.

The ShootOut Champions are invited to become members of Riley Rods 2015 Prostaff and will be provided with a full set of (6) ProStaff Series Riley Rods.

Riley Rods will offer a $250 Contingency Prize for any TWT Big Fish caught using a Riley Rod.

More info still to come……


Entry Fee Poll

100% Payout with a 50%/30%/20% split for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places.

Example $Payout amounts are based on 25 boats

Top Ten would advance to the Championship ShootOut


2014 ShootOut Series Schedule

Spring ShootOut – Saturday March 22nd Morehead City

Summer ShootOut – Saturday June 21st Fulcher’s Landing

Fall ShootOut – Saturday September 20th Location TBD


Championship ShootOut – Saturday October 11th Fulcher’s Landing


*all info subject to change*

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